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Welcome to Damon Tax and Payroll Service's website, where you can:

  • Find contact information for our friendly and professional staff

  • Find easy access to income tax and payroll resources

  • Check our office hours

  • Have easy access to IRS and state contact information

  • Quickly and easily print or download, fill in and email return our CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET

  • Get directions to our office via Google Maps

  • Obtain information necessary to make your tax preparation process as quick and seamless as possible

Our Website:

Located at 1 Damon Dr. Watertown, NY 13601

Our Company

Damon Tax Service is a family partnership, owned and operated by siblings Chris Damon and Trina Damon Narrow.  The family business was established by our father Ronald Damon in 1968.  After a long and accomplished career with Damon Tax Service, our partner and brother John retired in early 2019.  Each partner has over 25 years experience in individual and small business tax preparation and payroll processing & management.

We offer a wide range of services:

  • Personal tax preparation, including military and all states which have income tax

  • Small business tax preparation, including partnerships

  • Free E-File for Federal, NY State and most other states (refunds usually 7-14 days)

  • Remote tax preparation

  • Optional direct deposit for refunds and direct debit for balance due

  • Consultations and assistance for all your tax or payroll needs

  • Complete payroll processing services, we service over 40 businesses

  • Direct deposit for your employees

  • Laser pay checks with security features

  • Employment tax preparation and electronic submissions

  • Checkbook balancing

  • In house workers compensation audits

  • Assistance with payroll employee hire forms

  • Various tax preparations & processing including NYS sales tax and Highway use tax 

  • After the Fact employment tax preparation (quarterly, annual)

  • Yearend payroll processing of W-2's/W-3, 1099-misc/1096, NYS UI/withholding/Form 940

  • Bundling of services available in order to provide you with the best service for the best rate

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